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safe1552892 artist:kikirdcz475 gilda9032 rainbow dash216983 oc592373 oc:rainbow feather335 hippogriff8088 human139611 bomber jacket480 clothes399898 converse4937 hoodie11791 humanized92970 interspecies offspring6172 jacket10490 magical lesbian spawn10268 offspring33393 overalls1418 pants11807 parent:gilda618 parent:rainbow dash4860 parents:gildash368 shoes28873 simple background336895 transparent background175738


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Feather: "And I messed up on a mission and they gave me an embarrassing nickname! They hate me!"

Gilda: "There there, it doesn't mean they hate you. Look, Dash can tell you all about embarrassing nicknames!"

Dash: "?!"

(Mild request to let me post Rainbow Feather stuff- most of the time there'll be a story)