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So… this was what I started working on back when I asked about "making things look cool or make sense" and this was meant to provide as an example of the "cool factor" I was referring to

Sadly… I'm really not going to finish this ๐Ÿ˜”

More soon
suggestive148346 artist:spaboofy53 applejack173225 anthro269422 plantigrade anthro34589 abs11555 applejack's hat8394 big breasts85948 boots22919 breasts288542 bucket2429 busty applejack10813 cleavage35625 clothes475705 cowboy hat17138 eye1689 eyes2000 female1401240 front knot midriff1407 hat90271 looking at you175550 midriff19833 muscles12814 shoes38707 solo1093931 solo female183630


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