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Norah Galaksio

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I think this is the……third ship I've introduced? Well it was definitely a fun draw.

Innnntroducing GilDash! How could I noooot ship them when the first episode aired because Gilda was so jealous of Pinkie Pie and wanted Rainbow Dash's attention so much! So I was pretty stoked to see in the (The lost Treasure of Griffonstone) episode how much Rainbow Dash had ment to Gilda and it brought warm feeling in my heart. Love

A couple notes*
Changed Gildas design to me a little bit more colorful. What can I sat I love the purple claws accent. Meow :3 Plus its gonna be easier to design a bab for them.

Out of the main six the two were one of the first couple to get together (right after Cheerillee x Applejack) but it was rocky from the beginning with the two being an off again, on again couple.


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