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safe1575241 edit117640 edited screencap56058 screencap199196 alula541 aquamarine145 aura (character)247 boysenberry163 cotton cloudy377 dinky hooves4253 featherweight1209 gallop j. fry217 lemon daze42 little red143 liza doolots576 noi577 orange tangerine10 peach fuzz232 petunia575 pipsqueak2708 piña colada365 pluto299 princess erroria272 rainy feather55 ruby pinch1223 shady daze353 strike67 super funk184 sweet pop42 tangerine twist10 tootsie flute578 tornado bolt346 train tracks (character)187 truffle shuffle415 twilight sparkle282673 twist2797 alicorn195238 earth pony198888 pony845524 twilight time857 4chan6231 animated91996 apple core97 aweeg*320 burger1596 camera3486 camera flashes75 colt13317 eating8690 female899021 food60812 hay burger535 hub logo9222 hubble2135 male305388 mare415326 observer326 paparazzi48 piña cutelada142 puffy cheeks3518 reversed767 that pony sure does love burgers190 the hub2522 twilight burgkle467 twilight sparkle (alicorn)115184 window7248 yummy7


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Background Pony #0730
Come on, now, making gifs with the logos even though we've had this episode clean for years?