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And yes this is a real map for gmod. It’s pretty neat that someone made a map from courage the cowardly dog.
safe1585327 artist:undeadponysoldier569 edit119462 edited screencap57184 screencap206057 princess cadance30464 shining armor21690 spike74413 twilight sparkle283635 alicorn199340 dragon48849 pony855524 unicorn273355 comic:spike the cowardly dragon1 equestria games (episode)727 caption19098 comic101332 courage the cowardly dog185 female1185430 image macro35884 intro424 male324383 mare426430 mask5596 parody15229 scared9425 scaring9 screaming2997 signature19628 stallion94220 television2161 text51932 the legend of zelda3471 the legend of zelda: majora's mask336 title card654 unicorn twilight13599 watching tv113


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Background Pony #32B7
Lol I wanna see Cadence hit Shining Armor on the head
Cadence hits Shining with a pan