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Rar: Thanks for the help darling again. Now stay for a while <3

Nothing new :D Fluttershy is use to it ;)
suggestive127917 artist:rozyfly1045 fluttershy197678 rarity169619 pegasus239277 unicorn265804 ass42033 both cutie marks9259 butt27320 crushing608 facesitting2989 female898371 femdom6742 flarity1461 flutterseat215 huge butt8020 large butt12828 lesbian92164 looking at her butt73 lucky girl36 lying down9477 prize on the eyes482 raridom285 raritys personal seat fluttershy42 rearity3673 shipping183865 sitting54924 sitting on138 sitting on person393 sitting on pony288 the ass was fat12514 these aren't my glasses380 worship157


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Rarity Lover / Tails Fan
Once again, Fluttershy gets to experience what I go through almost everyday
Honey, be gentle
You know Fluttershy's delicate