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Little sound edit of a scene from DeadlyComics' animation "Picture This"

I hope every enjoys it!
safe1575251 artist:deadlycomics53 edit117644 editor:magnumfolf5 sound edit213 angel bunny9370 apple bloom46543 applejack158842 bon bon15640 daring do6064 diamond tiara9671 featherweight1209 lyra heartstrings27798 pinkie pie203221 rainbow dash219353 rarity169697 scootaloo49177 silver spoon6218 spike74828 sweetie belle46651 sweetie drops15640 twilight sparkle282673 animated91996 camera3486 cute177325 cutie mark crusaders17891 featherbetes39 foal14890 frame by frame3591 golden oaks library4488 ladder700 photo70672 picture this3 ponies the anthology vi58 ponyville schoolhouse612 sound6705 statue2101 tree27491 video693 webm10035


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