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Little sound edit of a scene from DeadlyComics' animation "Picture This"

I hope every enjoys it!
safe1552546 artist:deadlycomics52 edit114144 editor:magnumfolf5 sound edit203 angel bunny9320 apple bloom46138 applejack157049 bon bon15454 daring do5975 diamond tiara9568 featherweight1202 lyra heartstrings27475 pinkie pie201158 rainbow dash216941 rarity167711 scootaloo48778 silver spoon6172 spike74003 sweetie belle46233 sweetie drops15454 twilight sparkle279005 animated90879 camera3443 cute173152 cutie mark crusaders17503 featherbetes39 foal14627 frame by frame3006 golden oaks library4424 ladder679 photo70160 picture this3 ponies the anthology vi57 ponyville schoolhouse607 sound6436 statue2058 tree26806 video673 webm9649


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