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safe1576887 artist:dinkyuniverse143 bon bon15649 liza doolots577 lyra heartstrings28005 petunia576 sweetie drops15649 tootsie flute579 earth pony199522 pony846754 unicorn266723 cuddling7842 cute177742 daughter563 family4019 female900388 filly59594 foal14908 happy27676 hug25505 lesbian92264 lesbian couple11 lyrabon3095 lyrabontoots family44 magical lesbian spawn10756 mare416113 mother2183 mother and child1004 mother and daughter5085 offspring34477 parent520 parent:bon bon282 parent:lyra heartstrings592 shipping184168 snuggling6471 tootsie cute28 tootsiebetes3


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Background Pony #CC26
@Phantom Rider

Originally both Sweetie Belle and Tootsie Flute were their daughters in fanworks.


But then we found out later on in season one that Rarity was Sweetie Belle's sister.
Phantom Rider

You are already booped.
I don't know what made the idea of her as their daughter fall out of popularity. The whole reason we ever called her Tootsie Flute in the first place was because of the music/candy connection, back when this was as nigh-universally accepted as Derpy and Dinky. Now almost no one ever draws them together, it seems.

(Which reminds me: Thanks, Dinkyuniverse, for keeping it alive! This is the last holdout of something wonderful.)