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To contact me-FalafelJake#0825 (Discord)
safe1708699 artist:falafeljake213 oc685994 oc only449523 oc:corona chan46 bat pony49915 pony969782 bat pony oc17636 bat wings9371 blushing198012 butt59178 butt blush783 chest fluff39225 clothes460425 coronavirus821 covid-19768 ear fluff29647 graveyard of comments151 heart48451 looking at you169012 one eye closed30826 open mouth146294 plot79147 ponified41177 socks66463 solo1065739 tongue out104175 wings107791 wink24791


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Background Pony #E59A
thank goodness Corona-chan's design is so cute, it fits the pone thematic perfectly…
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My Little Pony - 1992 Edition

Plow stops for no man.
Quickly, put your mask on before you catch the deadly Corona Chan.
Mine is MLP themed, not sure how I feel about that.
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