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Living hieroglyphs! Just one of many traps found in Rashida's pyramid, they lurk on the walls indistinguishable from real paintings and wait for intruders to either drop their guard or wander into a dead-end room where they can seal the door :D

Buckle in; this'll be part of a whole series :D
safe1553560 artist:badumsquish1897 derpibooru exclusive23778 oc592751 oc only403777 earth pony190094 living hieroglyph8 monster pony3432 original species22695 pony825315 bedroom eyes50407 bricks85 ear piercing20824 earring17326 egyptian688 egyptian pony193 eye of horus42 eyeshadow12638 female877972 glowing cutie mark281 grin32143 headband2799 hieroglyphics95 jewelry48932 looking at you140303 makeup17109 mare403567 painting3193 part of a set9208 piercing33774 pyramid316 sand1830 show accurate10026 smiling209380 solo958305 tail wrap5820 trap (device)263 wall674


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@The Equestrian Zodiac
Pretty much. They're among the coolest ideas for an enemy I've ever seen in a game :D

@Space Pirate
It might cause futa flu (nsfw) :P

They don't care. They got a boring and thankless job. They gotta do something to pass the time :P

@Bluesliver The sphinxlover
I ripped her design from this character:

I wanted to use a design from the show that only appeared in a painting :D

They don't. It just briefly ominously glows when they peel themselves off the walls :D

@Background Pony #A9A3
I swear, that has to be one of the most beautiful-looking, gorgeous, and inspired games to ever be terrible XD

@Background Pony #153A
Not the Sphinx. These ones appear in a different tomb that's all kinds of cursed. The same one where she lives :D

@Dirty Bit
Technically it's sort of both XD
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A Clever Message
You might have been wondering why it felt like the eyes on the walls were following you. Wonder no longer.