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I've always loved those surreal, trippy chase scenes they used to have in animation, such as the one in Halloween Night is Grinch Night and 'Big and Loud' from Cats Don't Dance, and of course the classics Pink Elephants and Heffalumps and Woozels.

Here's a little thing that came to me while doodling and listening to Will Wood and the Tapeworms. Discord being Discord and tormenting the Legion of Doom.
safe1654524 artist:mediocre-grimm17 cozy glow7074 discord29980 lord tirek5114 orange frog67 queen chrysalis33949 centaur3174 changeling44952 draconequus10467 pegasus271798 pony918972 season 9660 spoiler:s09519 apple15673 black and white12438 bone2887 book32365 boot188 bubble pipe223 button868 candlestick49 cannon834 cheese wheel27 chess piece57 clam shell15 cup6019 dagger483 dice474 drums982 food66917 gears175 grayscale36906 hammer1666 harp264 ice skates283 jewelry58551 key656 knight972 legion of doom281 losers club29 magnifying glass301 monochrome146685 music notes3132 musical instrument9060 necklace17294 needle681 paint palette10 pencil3497 pipe694 piñata240 planet1146 potted plant485 scissors1075 size difference13471 skull2921 spring283 stars14832 surreal958 teacup2793 thread855 traditional art114579 umbrella2552 weapon29372


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