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safe1638835 artist:airiniblock555 cozy glow6889 grogar1303 lord tirek5160 queen chrysalis33672 centaur3085 changeling44096 changeling queen14492 pegasus265852 pony904624 frenemies (episode)1532 banner1915 better way to be bad127 bow26535 bracer401 cheek fluff4956 crown15485 cupcake5189 curly mane358 dessert386 evil grin4157 female1304658 filly62843 flower23907 flower in mouth626 foal15087 food65944 grin35552 hair bow14478 hand on hip5391 high res24105 hoof on chest583 jewelry57129 legion of doom276 looking at you156683 male350972 mare449510 mouth hold16334 nose piercing2524 nose ring2029 open mouth133341 piercing38060 plate1613 regalia18128 rose3655 scene interpretation8206 smiling230119 smiling at you2399 spotlight1264 standing11234 tail bow5116 trio7961


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Background Pony #7399
Man, I had so much hope for these three in this episode. Still in my top 10. Beautiful work! Cozy looks delightfully devious.