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(Pretty sure this is Pencils, someone please correct if I'm off)
safe1558177 artist:pencils1193 idw14146 applejack157427 cranky doodle donkey906 fluttershy196013 ms. harshwhinny2195 pinkie pie201625 rainbow dash217470 rarity168234 sci-twi21767 sunset shimmer56780 trixie61348 twilight sparkle280162 gerbil11 equestria girls177741 spoiler:comic10029 spoiler:comicequestriagirlsmarchradness166 ball2815 basketball442 detention83 dirty1609 humane five2748 humane seven2092 humane six2635 pranked10 preview1884 sports2825 yawn1313


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@Background Pony #63F6
Yup. was my first time drawing equestria girls, it took me a few pages before it started to flow more naturally from my pen.

I think these are great likenesses of the girls, with characterful poses and expressions. I'm genuinely a big fan of the drawing throughout.
Background Pony #89C9
They look a bit weirdly drawn, but still quite good for what probably is the artist's first attempt at drawing Equestria Girls (I don't know, most of Pencils' art I've seen features ponies).

Usually these types of stories are very simple, in the end it turns out that it was all their fault (unintentionally, of course), but of course one of them always had to start something …

I bet it was Spike …
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Fleecs isn't on the artist tag line for this issue. We do have Pencil's cover art and its pretty close (And just checking the solict, Pencils is the only artist listed so…)
Background Pony #ADB8
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