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When Rainbow was a filly her mum tried to teach her to knit and sew for she was very talented at it and wanted to pass that knowledge down to her daughter.
Tashie was so awful at it that her mother soon realised she was a lost cause and gave up on trying to teach her.

Thankfully Gentle Breeze has a lot more patience with her and her 'gentle' nature means that she will never lose her temper whilst Rainbow is trying to learn the basics. Though she is soon realising that she signed up for a lot more than she bargained for. This is going to be a long day isn't it? but honestly i think the sweet mare is just happy to have Rainbow round for come company regardless of her ability (or lack thereof) to knit.
safe1558176 artist:rainbowtashie478 posey shy998 windy whistles1812 oc595722 oc:gentle breeze32 oc:rainbow tashie143 earth pony191786 pegasus233406 pony829242 clothes402343 collar28270 commissioner:bigonionbean1282 cute173898 female882284 frustrated471 funny3587 fusion4339 fusion:gentle breeze8 glasses54031 knitting126 knitting needles23 mare405697 nintendo 64204 scarf20826 simple background338889 tangled up320 transparent background176642 writer:bigonionbean1039 yarn350


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