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Strange waifus are the best!
safe1557165 artist:andromailus72 artist:anontheanon323 artist:badumsquish1901 artist:brisineo320 artist:flutterbree14 artist:ruuji-tunouys6 artist:shinodage1106 artist:soulcentinel129 artist:whydomenhavenipples1484 editor:basicjasioh1 princess cadance30137 princess celestia89092 princess luna93196 queen chrysalis31929 trixie61257 oc595220 oc:blitz147 oc:boogiemare9 oc:caerulea8 oc:falcon (rocket)4 oc:full thrust4 oc:kalianne104 oc:merlin55 oc:orchid177 oc:piezo12 oc:planary4 oc:quiddity47 oc:thingpone350 oc:tija16 alicorn191378 changeling39162 changeling queen11252 goo1222 goo pony1746 gun pony11 lamia1765 moth407 mothpony922 original species22745 plane pony1302 pony828339 rocket pony33 satyr4761 shark1521 shark pony1731 a-10 thunderbolt ii167 animated91084 conan o'brien21 f-22 raptor55 falcon heavy6 female881412 flower21713 gau-829 glados191 gunpony5 mare405193 mp559 parks and recreation21 plane2536 portal (valve)1116 sound6488 spacex56 strange waifus53 tentacles10559 tree26919 viper33 webm9723 xcom 252


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35 comments posted
Background Pony #B177
Can someone tell me what the hell the things on the left and right are at around 2 seconds in?
Background Pony #187D
We really need a tag for these kind of "mashup" posts, so I can filter them =/

The Commissionist
hahaha XD what a great alternate version of the Parks and Recreation intro. Especially the "guest starring" was one of the best seconds.