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safe1555762 screencap195252 doctor whooves9991 golden crust126 linky1313 princess celestia89040 princess luna93135 roseluck4618 shoeshine1431 time turner9976 twilight sparkle279857 alicorn191054 earth pony190598 pony826924 unicorn257689 the summer sun setback1012 announcement158 audience368 aura736 canterlot4853 confused4058 cute173534 female880029 flowing mane889 folded wings4387 frown21347 glowing horn16177 grin32213 levitation10317 looking up13766 magic64538 male299154 mare404386 microphone4409 multicolored mane932 open mouth120426 raised hoof37930 shrunken pupils2334 siblings5671 sisters7020 smiling209915 speakers634 stage2640 stallion90377 telekinesis24106 twiabetes9943 twilight sparkle (alicorn)113766


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