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safe1552647 screencap194532 doctor whooves9973 golden crust125 linky1312 princess celestia88914 princess luna93010 shoeshine1430 time turner9958 twilight sparkle279013 alicorn190508 earth pony189817 pony824635 unicorn256172 the summer sun setback1012 announcement157 crowd859 crown13441 ethereal mane6195 ethereal tail119 female877101 festival of the two sisters2 flowing mane837 flowing tail92 folded wings4342 glowing horn16078 grin32108 hoof shoes3873 horn40212 jewelry48831 levitation10279 magic64343 magic aura2733 male298355 mare403180 microphone4398 multicolored mane812 multicolored tail844 open mouth120019 pointing3609 raised hoof37790 regalia15650 royal sisters3726 siblings5630 sisters6981 smiling209178 speakers632 speech3148 stage2637 stallion90119 sunrise993 surprised7881 telekinesis24008 twilight sparkle (alicorn)113573 wide eyes16008


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