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Part 1 of the ‘Save The World’ series, celebrating everypony involved in the fight against Coronavirus. Part 2 - Hope , Part 3 - Those Who Carry Us, Part 4 - Keep the Light, Part 5 - Fierce Compassion Part 6 - Remember the Fallen, Part 7 - Heroes
We are in this together. The world has never been more united in a common goal. And it will take every single one of us working together to save the world. So join the fight. Keep safe, keep each other safe, keep in touch, encourage each other, don’t let anyone get lonely. Through Friendship, we can win this.
Why does it matter if I stay at home?  
It matters. The novel coronavirus, COVID-19, spreads by touch, and it can survive the longest on moist living surfaces like human skin. Every time two people make contact, the virus has a chance to spread. By staying indoors, there’s one less opportunity for this virus to spread. This is how we defeat this virus; By breaking the chain of infection and stopping it from spreading. The united effort of every single of one of us counts.
Why is this so important?  
Protecting the elderly, the frail and the sick  
The majority of the young and healthy can expect to experience mild symptoms, though note this is not an absolute rule and that there is growing evidence of a minority of young people as young as 17 with no health problems suffering severe symptoms and dying of the disease. However, primarily, it’s the elderly, the frail and the sick that are most at risk of becoming gravely ill and possibly even die. These people at risk make up the 1% mortality from this virus. However, they are not just numbers. They are someone’s father, mother, grandfather, grandmother, husband, wife, brother, sister. They can be yours, your friend’s, someone dear. Help protect them. Stay at home.
Protecting hospitals and emergency services  
Doctors, nurses, paramedics, ambulance crew and hospital staff are fighting this war on the frontlines. They are doing amazing miracles every single day. But if everyone gets the virus all at once, this will overwhelm their already struggling services. And if doctors and nurses overwork in overcrowded, under-resourced conditions, they too will get ill. Some might even die. Help protect them. Stay at home.
Protecting key services that keep society functioning  
With rising anxiety, uncertainty and the risk of social unrest, the police and security services must work hard to keep the peace. With everyone’s demands for food, medicine and supplies rising, producers, factory workers, retail workers and delivery drivers must work harder to keep society well supplied. We can’t lose even a single one of these key workers. Keep them safe. Stay at home.
What else can I do to help?  
Wash your hands/hoofsies/claws/wings/tentacles/pseudopodia  
Other than inside a living host, the virus can survive the longest on moist living skin. Washing your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds will help destroy the bulk of the virus and prevent them spreading.
Clean surfaces you use often  
The virus can survive a few days up to week on most surfaces. Cleaning commonly-used surfaces such as tables, desks, kitchen counters, sinks and bathrooms will help prevent spread.
Don’t panic-buy, don’t hoard  
By all means, get what you think you might need. It is entirely sensible to buy long-shelf-life products such as instant noodles, pasta, long-life milk, frozen goods and medicine. But try to avoid panic-buying. You are more likely to end up wasting money on entirely useless supplies. Plan your shopping to your specific needs. Don’t hoard. Think of others who might need supplies just as much as you do. Think of the poor doctor, nurse, ambulance driver, paramedic, who come to the supermarket late after their shift, only to find empty shelves. Think of your friends, your neighbours. Be generous, be kind.
Stay in touch  
Staying at home in isolation can be boring. Or worse, lonely! This will be the long game, and keeping morale up will be more important than ever. Keep in contact with everyone around you. Use the internet, skype, discord, facebook, blogs, youtube, etc. Play multiplayer online games. Have virtual movie nights using watch-together websites. Play tabletop RPGs online. Keep yourselves and each other engaged at home. And don’t forget about those members of society who might not be as internet-savy. Help them get online. Or at least phone them, write them letters or postcards. Remind each other that we are not alone in this. Keep the light of Friendship burning bright!
Stay Safe  
Keep yourself, your family and your friends safe.
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Background Pony #CDB0
Rarity: “Travel is now cheaper than ever. Haywaii here I come!”
Sweetie: “All my friends are going to the beach for spring break, let’s go join them button. What’s the worst that could happen.”
Redheart: sigh “That’s five more today… No matter how many times I see this, I will never get used to it.”
*She grits her teeth and scowls as she looks outside the window to see protesters, ponies shouting at health-care workers and throwing things at them, and other ponies walking around without a care in the world.
“I really wish they would understand whats happening and take this more seriously…” She says seethingly.
Posted Report
Background Pony #623A
That much is undeniably shame on Chinese government; I shall not defend that.  
However, as is seen now, the world is actually panicking over the disease, and it would have be an unfound panic were it rumor. So, in hindsight, China did screw up and cannot evade the criticism, but I really don’t think one can hate China for its trying to contain the situation.  
Do keep in mind that China is somewhat overpopulated; many of its citizens are new to the Internet and will act out of mind over literally anything. Trying to appease those who would consciously believe in blatant bullshits to satisfy their sick sense of fullness is no sleeptrot, you know.
*Sometimes I really envy you guys. Most of you know to ignore trolls and those with whom you cannot agree. Compared to what you have, Chinese netizens have shit. *
Background Pony #BF9B
I like how Rarity and Nurse Redheart have the same exact face copy and pasted.
Duck - "someone befriended them, saved them, coaxed them out of their shell, and showed them that sex is nothing to be afraid of. I’m kind of envious of that rape victim"

@Background Pony #4FC7
the “authoritarian measures” anyone is complaining about is how when Dr. Li Wenliang warned his fellow doctors that there was a dangerous epidemic spreading, the chinese police arrested him and accused him of spreading rumors and “severely disturbing the social order.” they forced him to sign a statement denouncing his warning as an unfounded, and illegal rumor. then he died. of the coronavirus.
nobody in their right mind is complaining about the authoritarian measures china took after that, to keep people from spreading the virus. those authoritarian measures are fine and dandy.
Background Pony #623A
@Background Pony #20FE  
So, would you say fuck America if some local government in the States messed up? I’ll tell you, those who tried covering it up in Wuhan government and the shitty Chinese Red Cross are definitely bitches, but you cannot just call everything in China crap.  
Have you not seen what happened in Italy? If Chinese government didn’t take what you call authoritarian measures, Chinese people will be dying like that and the virus would’ve infected at least ten times as it does now.
Background Pony #AB58
@Background Pony #20FE  
Technically you can blame the poachers who supplied the market with the infected pangolins in the first place, but ultimately the true blame lies with the people who believe in pseudoscience “traditional medicines” creating the demand for them.
But let’s be honest here, this thing was going to get out regardless of what the government did. We’d have been better prepared if they’d been honest, yes, but there was no way this wasn’t going to spread worldwide. With an incubation of up to 14 days, all it would take is one person who doesn’t know they have it or that it even exists getting on a plane to anywhere in the world.