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suggestive145233 artist:physicrodrigo221 part of a set12672 sunset shimmer63724 big cat1057 tiger401 anthro263962 digitigrade anthro1793 equestria girls202860 armlet236 barbie doll anatomy1583 belly button79272 blue background5272 boots22366 breasts282472 busty sunset shimmer5541 caulifla18 claws5144 clothes466185 commission70279 cosplay28071 costume27930 disappearing clothes76 dragon ball super440 fangs25935 featureless breasts2479 featureless crotch6969 female1378980 fist527 high res30933 human to anthro690 jewelry65427 midriff19542 nudity375072 open mouth149395 pants14882 part of a series2608 percentage7 raised hand67 ripping clothes730 shocked expression974 shoes37499 simple background400089 smiling253609 solo1076343 solo female181216 story in the source2004 surprised9395 transformation10950 transformation sequence996 tube top571 wide eyes17189 wristband3706


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Background Pony #546D
I asked myself "Why did her clothes dissolve?" So I looked at the source.

The growth spurt, combined with the acidic properties of Equestrian Magic, start ripping her clothes and make them dissapear.
… I'm not sure what I expected, but it wasn't that.
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