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If you noticed from the source links that it skips from part 2 to part 4, it's because part 3 is just a previous version of this picture (it's just missing the percentages and the last stage), so I didn't feel the need to upload it too (if you want to anyway, be my guest).
suggestive148255 artist:physicrodrigo221 part of a set13455 fluttershy217096 big cat1086 tiger406 anthro269299 digitigrade anthro1879 equestria girls206725 arm behind head6764 armpits43376 barbie doll anatomy1598 belly button81109 belt5844 blue background5510 boots22905 breasts288395 busty fluttershy17897 claws5237 clothes475406 commission72922 cosplay28476 costume28528 denim shorts733 disappearing clothes89 dragon ball super469 fangs26643 featureless breasts2521 featureless crotch7087 female1400724 fist530 hands behind back1565 happy32162 high res32486 human to anthro729 kale4 midriff19813 nudity381950 open mouth153993 part of a series2741 percentage7 prehensile tail809 raised foot9 raised hand67 ripping clothes773 sexy30666 shirt26135 shocked expression1028 shoes38677 shorts14524 simple background408715 smiling260486 solo1093549 solo female183569 sultry pose1893 surprised9573 tail30652 tail hold447 transformation11307 transformation sequence1079 wide eyes17372 wristband3818


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