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Everypony’s favourite engineer, Delta Vee, belongs to Shinodage.
The world will never be the same. That is only becoming more and more obvious with every passing day. But there are those working hard to make sure that we still have a world to wake up to tomorrow. And through grim determination and wills of steel, they are going out there, braving the virus and working hard to make tomorrow a better one.
This one celebrates our engineers, from those keeping our power stations, water grid and utilities going, to communications engineers who are working hard to keep us all connected, to all the other engineers keeping the light of human civilization going, saving lives one repair at a time.
This one’s for the factory workers, the producers and manufacturers, working hard to keep us stocked with everything from masks and ventilators to hand sanitizers and everyday goods, saving lives one product at a time.
This one’s for the mail workers and couriers, keeping goods from blood products and medicine to food moving through society, saving lives one delivery at a time.
And most importantly, this one’s for the mothers out there, for those mothers who still have to work yet somehow also look after their child with the schools closed, for those mothers worried sick about keeping their children safe during this difficult time, for those mothers who, despite all this, somehow keep up that brave face and smile for their kids. This one’s for you.
This battle makes the ordinary into extraordinary, the simple into heroic. Celebrate them, think of them, keep them in your prayers, and together we will get through this together.
Part 4 of the ‘Save The World’ series, celebrating everypony involved in the fight against Coronavirus. Part 1 - Save The World , Part 2 - Hope, Part 3 - Those Who Carry Us, Part 5 - Fierce Compassion, Part 6 - Remember the Fallen, Part 7 - Heroes
safe1753864 artist:manifest harmony419 derpy hooves50815 windy whistles2207 oc713375 oc:delta vee596 pegasus310336 series:save the world8 box4836 cap4828 clothes476998 coronavirus835 covid-19777 hat90614 heart eyes17554 heart nostrils90 helmet11253 looking up17188 mailmare1154 mouth hold18108 pegasus oc13219 shirt26281 sleeveless4983 sleeveless shirt72 sonic rainboom1104 weather factory101 weather factory uniform127 wingding eyes23523 wings123698 wrench763


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