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safe1675923 artist:lou557 rarity179089 pony938662 unicorn310948 crying42631 cute195266 drama queen230 female1335945 i have done nothing productive all day148 lying down15396 makeup20663 marshmelodrama791 mascara631 mascarity85 meme81135 raribetes5253 rarity being rarity274 running makeup2078 simple background383499 solo1043517


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Background Pony #9D9C
Should be tag "coronavirus"?

I see here, Rarity is total opposite of NEET, but this is unusual to happen.
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tfw everywhere is closed cuz Covid-19 and you got nothing else to do but play vidya all day.

It has driven me to desperation even — all my vidya are done played and now I'm actually doing something productive! The humanities!
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