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…I really like Rococo fashion.

Duchess Fleur de Lis x Duchess Trixie Lulamoon x DukeBlueblood: After being left behind by Fancy Pants ( he didn't approved the new Empress, Nightmare moon, so he ran away), Fleur de Lis married Prince Blueblood, the new captain of the Royal Guard, and had a child with him,As de Coeur. After he was born they welcomed Trixie into their relationship, and had the twins Mademoiselle Sorceille(left) and Demoiselle Enchantée(right).

(Shining Armour x) Lady Mi Amore Cadenza x Lord Stygian of the Shadows. (Note: Stygian is aged up for this AU)
After she was taken by Nightmare Moon's force for her magic, and Shining Armour fell from a cliff, only leaving his horn behind, Cadence was held into the castle of the two sisters by the Pony of Shadows, now released by Nightmare Moon, as her 'son'. Cadence was devastated, she wouldn't eat or sleep, so Stygian decided to approach her, it was then when he discovered she was pregnant with Shining Armour's child. After Acheron Justitiam was born, Stygian made it seem as if the child was his, to protect Cadance. They had a daughter together, Anima Desiderium, she was born with an unstable form, so Cadence casted a spell on her, she is blind. A song that fits their relationship could be "Misery loves company" ( i can't stop listening to that song qUq)
safe1691467 artist:bunnari151 fleur-de-lis3594 prince blueblood4074 princess cadance32506 stygian772 trixie66951 oc675142 alicorn221660 alicorn oc26093 bluetrix803 bust48996 family4381 female1349369 fleur-de-blueblood26 fleur-de-bluetrix1 half-siblings605 male367719 offspring38364 parent:fleur-de-lis347 parent:prince blueblood811 parent:princess cadance1583 parent:shining armor1364 parent:stygian148 parent:trixie1827 parents:bluetrix269 parents:fleur-de-blueblood37 parents:shiningcadance951 polyamory6698 shipping198242 straight134879


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