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If I were ever to cosplay, I would for sure dress up as Quote. Cave Story is my most favorite game ever and it's the best game.
I don't care what anyone says, you can't change my mind. My only other choice would probably be a vault dweller.

Quote クォート
safe1552135 artist:modocrisma103 oc591953 oc only403388 oc:sobakasu49 earth pony189719 human139515 pony824254 antenna74 bag3254 bags under eyes1740 belt4430 body painting151 cargo pants45 cave story44 chest fluff31389 clothes399587 cosplay26459 costume24375 ear fluff22424 ear freckles310 face paint657 fantasy377 fluffy12620 freckles24685 gradient background10544 gun14353 handgun2338 happy27016 hat74424 headphones6598 holster346 hoof hold7133 looking down6488 makeup17070 male298168 pants11795 pistol1850 ponysona2614 scarf20731 science fiction595 self portrait79 shirt20508 shoulder fluff1351 shoulder freckles887 simple background336559 smiling209072 tanktop6562 teenager4195 video game4472 watermark14211 weapon26661


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Man, I don't know why anyone would unlike this… Is it because I drew myself…? I thought I was cute haha… Whatever. Soba just happened to be in this picture so I figured I'd post it here. Maybe I'll just stick to ponies.