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And finally… Trixie could not possibly be any more done with this.

Another great ensemble pic from the new comic.
safe1555697 artist:pencils1192 idw14139 applejack157274 fluttershy195806 pinkie pie201416 rainbow dash217235 rarity167957 sci-twi21707 sunset shimmer56676 trixie61153 twilight sparkle279846 equestria girls177476 spoiler:comic10027 spoiler:comicequestriagirlsmarchradness165 angry23477 argument745 boots18297 cellphone2746 cute173520 desk2795 detention83 feet on table135 group shot378 humane five2681 humane seven2038 humane six2567 legs6685 madorable503 phone4989 pinkie being pinkie992 pointing3621 shoes29008 smartphone1478 teary eyes3124 trixie is not amused145 unamused13361


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Background Pony #7011
I guess that’s a sign that human Trixie really doesn’t care about school.