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Suncrisp Apple is a HUGE fan of model and ballet dancer Dovely Pinup!
His older sister was "friends" with him in school and he's watched the feminine pink stallion live in Ponyville. Sunny modeled his whole life towards dancing, just in the hopes of one day meet his idol. Never did he imagine that Dovely would literally take him under his wing!

PS: Shut up Humble! So are you!
safe1689474 artist:frozensoulpony531 oc673938 oc only442626 oc:dovely pinup14 oc:honey humble3 oc:suncrisp21 pegasus285237 unicorn316052 colt14721 male367001 offspring38284 parent:applejack3823 parent:cotton sky12 parent:fluttershy4765 parent:hoity toity50 parent:jet set106 parent:trouble shoes401 parents:applejet64 parents:troubleshy35 stallion106558 starry eyes3271 traditional art116756 wingding eyes21870


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