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A Valentines day commission I got for both myself and my special somepony, Twilight Nightingale!
safe1559390 artist:pony-way252 twilight sparkle280318 oc596333 oc:crystal tundra7 alicorn191817 pony830347 unicorn259337 adorasexy7853 bed35656 big crown thingy2159 canon x oc21676 clothes402781 collar28304 commission50353 crossdressing8537 crown13596 crytwi1 cute174140 diadem41 dress39117 ear piercing21041 earring17494 element of magic1845 female883376 fluffy12688 heart42605 hoof hold7183 hoof shoes3945 horn40931 horn ring4983 jewelry49442 looking at each other15886 magic64816 male300162 piercing34109 regalia15831 sexy23085 shoes29577 snuggling6436 socks55964 starry dress1 tiara2943 twilight sparkle (alicorn)113984


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