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The various cheerleader outfits in the show, in reverse order of appearance. Who wore it better?
safe1557172 screencap195393 alpha beta33 brolly85 cheerilee9285 cloud kicker1698 compass star75 desert wind52 dizzy twister946 dusty swift65 fast break50 fat stacks54 fiery fricket72 final countdown50 flam2002 flim2125 flowerescent25 fluttershy195929 frying pan (character)100 high roller42 horseshoe comet46 lighthoof467 lightning riff66 lilac sky131 linky1314 merry may672 orange swirl944 pinkie pie201546 polo play84 rosy pearl62 sassaflash807 saturn (character)68 shimmy shake459 shoeshine1432 silver waves78 spring melody1005 spring step183 sprinkle medley1005 sprout greenhoof105 sunlight spring183 sunshower raindrops2196 sweet buzz82 twilight sparkle280062 whitewash85 wintergreen65 yona4365 alicorn191380 earth pony191493 pegasus233069 pony828344 unicorn258436 yak3756 2 4 6 greaaat1222 friendship university676 rainbow falls1540 the cart before the ponies821 background pony8932 buckball field50 cheerileeder351 cheerleader2449 cheerleader outfit753 clothes401911 female881416 flim flam brothers1172 friendship express362 las pegasus resident460 male299671 mare405195 rainbow falls (location)41 school of friendship1080 skirt35064 stallion90601 twilight sparkle (alicorn)113879


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