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safe1552139 screencap194409 princess celestia88890 princess luna92986 alicorn190350 pony824258 between dark and dawn1478 affection125 alternate hairstyle23602 animated90865 backpack1709 barehoof207 boop6754 clothes399590 cute173112 cutelestia3062 ethereal mane6166 excited2527 eyeshadow12608 female876178 flowing mane821 gif27362 glowing horn16070 hair bun2779 hawaiian shirt375 hooves16141 horn40162 looking at each other15644 luggage232 lunabetes3046 magic64267 makeup17070 mare402975 multicolored mane786 ponytail15158 raised hoof37780 royal sisters3726 shirt20508 siblings5620 sisterly love314 sisters6979 talking4097 vacation211


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