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Luna: No. No, this was definitely a mistake.

Celestia: Was it, though?

Luna: …Yes sister. It was.



Celestia: edit of >>1309195

Luna: (edited and used with permission) >>2307624
safe1557168 artist:luckreza8735 artist:vector-brony674 color edit7008 edit114801 edited edit2173 editor:slayerbvc1613 vector edit2146 princess celestia89092 princess luna93196 equestria girls177661 photo finished110 female881413 lipstick9366 oh crap face87 principal celestia3124 royal sisters3751 simple background338490 smiling210725 surprised7918 transparent background176420 vector70635 vice principal luna2200


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@Background Pony #0B0D
In >>2307624 Luna accidentally used Celestia's lipstick because it was a new tube and looked very similar to her own tube.

Celestia found it somewhat humorous and put Luna's lipstick on herself…

Luna promptly concluded that this was a mistake.