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The Future (Season 5 Finale Redraw)

guYS omg i'm so fucking proud of this I jahdfhdfhshdfgk Anyway this is my favorite finale of MLP and probably in my top 5 episodes list idk I haven't actually established a list yet ---- Time take- 4.5 hours Program- Medibang Paint Pro Characters- Starlight Glimmer (Foreground) Twilight Sparkle (Midground) I don't own these characters they belong to Discovery Family/Hasbro Enjoy!
January 20, 2019
safe1559530 artist:clairedaartiste44448 starlight glimmer43174 twilight sparkle280343 alicorn191840 pony830454 unicorn259384 the cutie re-mark3005 alternate timeline2663 ashlands timeline206 barren214 cheek fluff4266 chest fluff31737 duo48202 floppy ears46078 implied genocide237 post-apocalyptic462 s5 starlight1448 scene interpretation7631 twilight sparkle (alicorn)113995 wasteland1124


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