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safe1558904 artist:crisx2845 edit114929 edited screencap54137 screencap195556 applejack157459 fluttershy196061 pinkie pie201668 rainbow dash217538 rarity168281 spike74306 twilight sparkle280260 alicorn191740 dragon46793 the last problem4015 adventure time1311 american dragon jake long36 as told by ginger6 avatar the last airbender456 avatar the legend of korra6 danny phantom177 digimon655 digimon adventure45 digimon adventure 0230 digimon frontier22 digimon tamers41 dragon ball676 dragon ball gt37 drama3052 ed edd n eddy744 futurama817 gigachad spike735 gravity falls1201 harvey beaks12 hey arnold65 hey arnold: the jungle movie4 kids next door25 kim possible104 king of the hill192 mane seven5852 mane six29085 naruto714 naruto shippuden6 ok ko let's be heroes27 older22634 older applejack505 older fluttershy484 older mane seven157 older mane six253 older pinkie pie479 older rainbow dash563 older rarity492 older spike4610 older twilight1084 penn zero: part-time hero7 pokemon anime2 pokémon8374 pokémon sun and moon180 regular show562 rocket power14 sailor moon1335 samurai jack261 series finale144 series finale blues56 series finale drama16 spongebob squarepants2587 star vs the forces of evil411 steven universe1269 steven universe future11 tearjerker124 the simpsons1684 twilight sparkle (alicorn)113955 wander over yonder225 winged spike7008 yu-gi-oh!906


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In SvtFOE, magic was wiped out. Cozy Glow would be right at home in Mewni, along with Toffee.
Also not too sure how many of these shows were like, but Wander Over the Yonder for example had a lot of plans in the future like Hater's origins, and this space ship thing but was cut off from doing another season, where as at least MLP and SvtFOE had more time on their hands for their plans.
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Most all of these (that I recognize at least) are final scenes or final shots of the last episode of a series or the last moment of a movie. They're all endings.
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Also what is the thing matching these all together? Just that they ended? Well that's not even true for some of them. It really feels random with a lot of good shows, and then a lot of bad shows too. And the difference in age is also confusing. I can't see what connects all of these.
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