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Posted March 27, 2020.
Artist's description:
Remembering the time rd said future twi's hair "isn't toooo bad,, >.>;"
safe1554860 artist:klhpyro27 rainbow dash217148 twilight sparkle279717 pegasus232230 pony826043 unicorn257113 it's about time667 blushing172476 blushing ears204 book30127 eyepatch2596 female878923 future twilight1011 golden oaks library4434 headband2804 lesbian91263 lip bite10213 magic64469 magic aura2747 mare403923 oh no he's hot30 one sided shipping173 shipping181481 sweat22359 telekinesis24061 text49772 thought bubble2923 twidash4952 unaware334 unicorn twilight12122 vulgar19380


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