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Wukrii - A Fantasy Adventure Comic

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safe1558906 artist:candyclumsy536 fleur-de-lis3324 lightning dust4179 nurse redheart3228 sassy saddles924 oc596119 oc:aerial agriculture42 oc:candy clumsy76 oc:earthing elements44 oc:king speedy hooves240 oc:princess healing glory35 oc:queen galaxia239 oc:tommy the human358 alicorn191740 earth pony191958 human140226 pegasus233642 unicorn259113 comic:sick days32 alicorn oc21589 alicorn princess220 aunt and nephew133 bed35648 bedroom8168 book30223 canterlot castle1724 child1822 comic100324 commissioner:bigonionbean1282 crying39715 dialogue59084 family3968 father and child296 father and son812 female882824 fusion4340 fusion: princess healing glory35 fusion:aerial agriculture43 fusion:earthing elements43 fusion:king speedy hooves241 fusion:queen galaxia197 grandparents58 hug25141 human oc367 husband and wife1178 kissing22192 levitation10369 licking17727 magic64754 male299995 mother and child796 mother and son2548 nuzzles95 recovering9 sleeping21429 spectacles111 telekinesis24204 tongue out88933 writer:bigonionbean1039 writing1109


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