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I don't care about Fo:E too much, which is why I haven't made it 'stable 2' or whatever, it's just Vault 81 from F4.
Need more vault suit anthro partial undress or similar :v

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questionable107584 artist:dttart28 oc626208 oc only417793 oc:littlepip3904 unicorn284724 anthro239900 fallout equestria15799 big breasts73655 breasts253868 busty littlepip99 clothes425439 dialogue60923 fallout3200 fallout 4742 fanfic10242 fanfic art13424 female1285028 hooves16855 horn51824 nipples151346 nudity343238 pipboy469 pipbuck3327 solo1002518 solo female171501 undressing4895 vault 811 vault suit3270


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