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The only two newly born alicorns known to Equestria. Celestia and Luna are the remnants of an ancient alicorn civilization, and were, until Flurry's birth, the last "natural" alicorns. Alicorns contain the aspects of the three pony races, and are extremely powerful magic users. Typically their magic pertained to celestial bodies or inter-dimensional pursuits. From the day they were born, there was talk of their future union. As Luna and Celestia ruled together, these two would rule as one as well. Romantic or not, their relationship was arranged. Yet the two find themselves naturally close and understanding of one another.

Janus "Bluejay" Starstepper
-lawful good; very introverted
-possible the largest pony in recent history
-extremely shy, and wary of others
-avid reader and writer; deep thinking pony
-has no desire to be a prince
-has mysterious powers including premonition and viewing into other realities; he feels connected with the night and winter season
-highly logical; excellent mathematician
-has difficulty understanding others; reading facial expressions or reactions confuses him at times
-recluses himself in his study; missed his own coronation because he was engrossed in a book about deep sea fish
-easily disoriented, does not feel connected with what's around him at times
-does not know who his father was; although he has some idea of being related to Wendigos
-has a very close relationship with his parents; Janus was a child with a lot of needs, and so earned the attention of both Luna and his adoptive father Nightingale
-no one may touch him
-loves animals, fears children
-loves Flurry Heart; he likes to kiss her nose, but anything else is out of the question
-creatively bankrupt; but is excellent at ballet thanks to Flurry

Princess Flurry Heart
-lawful good; extroverted
-a good Princess devoted to duty; I liken her to Nausicaä
-has always been bulky with a thick, curly coat
-she seems to have an attachment to the sun; more specifically bringing forth the summer season
-really admires her parents and works hard to rule the Crystal Empire
-immortal, just like Janus
-cannot cook for the life of her
-really into sci-fi and comic books thanks to her father, who also taught her sword-fighting
-tackles a myriad of skills; ballet, fencing, flugelhorn-playing, speech and debate, chess, etc
-adores her cousin Ipo
-used to be very close with Fluttershy, Larkspur, Brick and Bastion, but her training called her away from the rest of her friends and family
-definitely loves Janus, although she is not sure in what way

I'm not sure what Flurry Heart's cutie mark ought to be. I love the idea of her being connected with the Crystal Heart, and so has the ability to turn winter into summer. I don't want Janus and Flurry to be basically Celestia and Luna clones, so I prefer to align them with the themes of winter versus summer. I also want to avoid making Flurry too…good? She need some flaws. I'm thinking she is very impatient and bratty at times; she is a princess after all who has had enormous privileges given to her. I'll think about this! In the mean time, I'd love to hear your thoughts on Flurry Heart! Or Janus!
safe1554927 artist:loryska155 princess flurry heart6141 oc593292 oc:janus13 alicorn190816 pony826096 alicorn oc21473 blue background3849 chest fluff31473 cloven hooves8675 ear fluff22499 female878984 leg fluff2367 leonine tail7069 male298903 mare403952 offspring33614 older22528 older flurry heart896 parent:princess luna1885 simple background337548 stallion90282 unshorn fetlocks21634


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