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Cracked — Comic

Short and simple, Chrysalis gets owned. :o. Hope you liked it, was fun making this.
safe1657718 artist:tsitra3601221 pharynx962 queen chrysalis33986 thorax4194 changedling7942 changeling45083 insect1596 ladybug590 pony922077 abuse7161 changedling brothers254 chrysabuse182 comic105797 dialogue62977 female1320910 giant changeling37 giant pony4474 giant/tiny139 king thorax2784 macro10484 macro/micro552 male356969 micro8694 not so smart changeling2 prince pharynx700 scenery7779 size difference13529 speech bubble22118 stepped on22 stepping on something39 tiny1168 tiny changeling7 tiny ponies1390 underhoof49864


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