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Doomguy gives Cheerilee's class a handy showcase of how to hunt demons, while Cheerilee once again questions her career choices.

Lyra: "Look Bonbon! A human!"

(No demons were harmed in this presentation)

Source Filmmaker is owned by Valve.

Custom assets used are the property of their respective owners. I own nothing, but my own wild brain.
safe1557114 artist:dragonsam9815 apple bloom46214 bon bon15487 cheerilee9285 lyra heartstrings27506 scootaloo48857 sweetie belle46302 sweetie drops15487 demon2372 earth pony191481 human140065 pegasus233053 unicorn258404 3d61149 badass2958 cheerilee is unamused45 doom362 doomguy111 facehoof1628 female881368 filly58457 fist bump153 floppy ears45981 gun14415 imp (doom)3 irrational exuberance605 mare405182 ponyville schoolhouse607 scared9133 shotgun1349 show and tell6 shrunken pupils2339 smiling210713 source filmmaker36807 weapon26791


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