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Ponies in Ponyville are wearing Princess Cadence's accessories. If they are either an earth pony or a pegasus, they will only wear Princess Cadence's necklace. On the other hand, the unicorns wears Princess Cadence's crown and her necklace. These types of jewelries are the easiest for ponies besides alicorn to wear. Princess Cadence isn't just the only pony that is allowed to wear this.
safe1558887 artist:90sigma779 artist:boneswolbach340 artist:gamemasterluna64 artist:moongazeponies264 artist:spacekingofspace59 edit114927 vector edit2147 amethyst star2255 apple munchies50 bon bon15498 carrot top5122 derpy hooves47994 golden harvest5122 minuette5326 sparkler2105 spring melody1008 sprinkle medley1008 sweetie drops15498 twinkleshine1945 earth pony191950 pegasus233635 pony829796 unicorn259110 apple family member2493 crown13583 female882809 group2805 jewelry49413 mare405985 regalia15819 vector70654


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