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safe1553491 screencap195053 biff113 daring do5977 doctor caballeron610 pinkie pie201239 rainbow dash217028 rogue (character)126 withers126 earth pony190081 pegasus232040 pony825267 daring done?922 animated90928 attempted murder53 beard3143 blindfold3901 bondage29770 evil planning in progress56 facial hair4820 female877931 gif27384 gritted teeth10118 henchmen280 kidnapped671 lackeys2 male298666 mare403543 multicolored hair4258 predicament27 rainbond dash383 screaming2880 slime1766 somnambula (location)131 stallion90223 struggling821 sweat22330 temple308 tied up4838 trap (device)263 volumetric mouth457 you know for kids418


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