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Here’s another three days grace song reference. This song is called “tell me why” and I highly recommend it. It’s epic, badass and it’s definitely worth listening to.

Also some of the characters tagged are in the image. They’re just really hard to see.

Here’s a link to the song.
safe1556319 artist:undeadponysoldier528 apple bloom46202 applejack157322 babs seed5619 big macintosh26676 cheerilee9283 cup cake3716 diamond tiara9584 dj pon-327909 octavia melody22081 pound cake2350 prince blueblood3795 princess cadance30130 pumpkin cake2133 rainbow dash217300 scootaloo48835 shining armor21557 silver spoon6176 sweetie belle46290 twilight sparkle279929 twilight velvet3759 vinyl scratch32005 alicorn191189 dragon46640 earth pony190782 pony827472 unicorn257975 badass2958 band289 concert311 cutie mark crusaders17535 drums874 epic1334 female880573 guitar4300 keytar306 male299339 mare404696 microphone4411 musical instrument6790 singing5743 song reference3020 stallion90459 tell me why1 three days grace30 unicorn twilight12309


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Three Days Grace
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The good life
@Broken Adam
He’s still a pretty good singer though. My favorite songs from Matt are this one, Painkiller, Landmine, Human race, I am machine and the real you.

All the songs I mentioned are pretty good and I recommend listening to them.