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Sorry for the seemingly unrelated backstory, but it'll come up soon, promise! Also, all those points where I put apples on the map ARE actual spots where the name has to do with apples, OR we know from comics, the episodes and mentions that have a sizeable amount of Apple Family members. And there's more spots, too! I just couldn't fit it all in the map in the square shape I needed to fit the panel.

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safe1554926 artist:gutovi402 applejack157207 fluttershy195715 pinkie pie201331 princess celestia88999 princess luna93092 rainbow dash217154 rarity167867 twilight sparkle279720 alicorn190816 earth pony190271 pegasus232240 pony826095 unicorn257141 comic:why me!?226 alternate ending436 alternate hairstyle23725 applelestia65 comic99910 female878984 lesbian91269 mane six28954 missing accessory7348 pigtails3755 shipping181489 sun5666 sunrise995 sweet apple acres2516 twilight sparkle (alicorn)113679


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Background Pony #0AE2
Luna and mane 6 : We want to know how your relationship started.
Celestia : Sure, the story began during the birth of Ponnyville…
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"Really, Your Highness, do you treat every conversation like a political history lecture?"
"Luna I expected, but really, Twilight?"
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