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Originally posted on: October 28, 2016
Day 28 of October's Gore Challenge: Knives / Guns / Weapons.

The first and best thing I could think of for today's theme. Although looking ahead on the list I could have used this one for tomorrow too, where the theme is burns. Oh well.

Just a quick doodle of PyroDarknessANNY's pony version of Freddy Krueger, 'cuz it rocks and he has his own blog on tumblr. That rocks. Just saying.
As usual I'm not very good at drawing his burned skin, nor his knife glove. But I still like how this turned out anyway, considering my absolute exhaustion from work right now. But still managed to finish this just in time for today. Still at least 20 minutes until midnight, booyah.


Bacon Butt aka Freddy Krueger Pony © pyrodarknessanny
safe1555387 artist:ravenpuff1124 oc593594 earth pony190439 pony826595 a nightmare on elm street34 clothes400929 crossover56362 earth pony oc2520 evil grin3734 freddy krueger132 grayscale35789 grin32193 hat74614 male299050 metal claws78 monochrome146275 ponified37802 prehensile tongue240 raised hoof37892 slasher18 smiling209803 solo959268 stallion90343 tongue out88570 traditional art107755


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