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safe1554935 artist:pia-sama1433 applejack157207 spike74196 anthro225741 dragon46561 earth pony190277 pony826105 comic:rogue diamond413 evil grin3733 female878989 gigachad spike731 grin32169 male298904 mare403956 monochrome146220 older22528 older spike4594 patting64 pointy teeth6 slasher smile364 smiling209696 swearing653 sweat22360 vulgar19380


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36 comments posted
Background Pony #374C
I don't think I like the way Applejack is being portrayed in this comic. I get Pia's doing the whole protective big sister angle but AJ shouldn't be this quick to anger. She should know that AB is more at fault then Spike and try to set her straight herself.
Background Pony #788E
Spike Grandmother right now :
I knew it, he's pathetic. He can't even scared of that blonde pony

The day Spike literally kicks RevyDash's will be the day I will believe Spike is an equal member of the Rogue Diamond. Otherwise it pretty much give Spike the excuse for some respect—because sometimes it's better to be feared than respected. The maybe all the jackasses that ridicule Spike just because he's a Dragon will think twice before belittling Spikezilla again…

@Brass Melody
Not a bad idea, though I can't help but think Spike's gonna have at least two, maybe three marefriends, and I'm not even talking about Applebloom. Rarity ultimately is not the only mare Spike's gonna have eyes on, and let's be honest—she's gonna need help,especially when Spikezilla comes to play…
William Flutter

@Brony kaiju soldier
Most likely

And in a somewhat funny kind of thing, I guess

In most of the fandom made stuff involving sex and the Mane 6, or just certain members, Fluttershy is the one who gets suggested stuff, like in Fatelogic's "My Sexy Anthro" series of sexual games, Fluttershy was in heat and was told by Rainbow to do some very sexy stuff to the protagonist

And in the "Lustful Diamond", alt continuity, or maybe its part of someone's headcanon for this series, Fluttershy is told by Rarity to do some sexy stuff to Spike

In fact the only time when Fluttershy isn't told by anypony to do anything sexual is in Palcomix's "Power of Dragon Mating" series, just like in the original fanfic of which its adapted from, it's sorta funny
Brass Melody
My Little Pony - 1992 Edition
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General Gas Lover
@Brony kaiju soldier
If he's smart, he'll be completely honest with Applebloom and just admit that he's currently eyeing up Rarity as a potential girlfriend and he doesn't want to sully his chances by getting hooked up with another mare.
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Artist -

Warning: Nuts Inside
@Spiritus Arcane
AJ being overprotective in the first place is a large part of why Apple Bloom is like that. How is AJ going to reign in a symptom of the damage she's already done? By being even worse?

This whole thing is about Spike being honest. Apple Bloom might cry over the rejection, but AJ just gave him permission to do it because it's the right thing to do. Spike needs to grow a spine and tell the truth, nothing more.

People need to stop expecting AJ to reign in her sister. That's not her job. Apple Bloom is old enough to know exactly what she's doing and if AJ told her to stop she'd just resent her more than she already does.