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Full name : Flurry (Shining) Heart

Nicknames : Flurry (everyone), Gem (Sunset)

Age : 25

Species : Alicorn

Family : Mi Amore Cadenza (Mother) and Shining Armor (Father)

Sex : Mare

Gender : Cisgender Female

Sexuality : Biromantic, Demisexual

Preferred pronouns : She / Her

Personality : Anxious, Cautious, Independent, Brave, etc.

Likes : Talking to her subjects, Going on dates with Sunset, Spending time alone, etc.

Dislikes : Close-minded ponies, Confrontation, etc.

Birthplace : Crystal Empire Castle

Place of Residence : Crystal Empire Castle

Occupation : Queen of Love and the Crystal Empire

Intelligence : 25/30

Magic : 28/30

Physical Strength : 22/30

Mental Strength : 23/30


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