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Is it okay, for two adopted sisters to love each other?

The comic will be updated every Friday automatically on randomscribbles.ca, with updates here being manual.

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Written by Vincent Jones
Artwork by DollyMiftDA
Featuring MintyRoot and her adopted sister Snow.

Clop comic with plot and plot! ^_~
safe1556342 artist:alphadesu424 oc594256 oc only404412 oc:minty root127 oc:snow kicker35 pegasus232740 pony827492 unicorn257984 comic:sisterly love30 amputee4156 blushing172725 bow23619 chest fluff31564 comic100097 ear fluff22581 eyes closed78474 female880608 floppy ears45957 hair bow12923 hooves16168 horn40590 lying down9214 mare404722 massage934 moaning4215 open mouth120527 pillow15056 prone22916 sitting53860 smiling210079 spread wings46832 wings72170


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