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Is it okay, for two adopted sisters to love each other?

The comic will be updated every Friday automatically on randomscribbles.ca, with updates here being manual.

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Written by Vincent Jones
Artwork by DollyMiftDA
Featuring MintyRoot and her adopted sister Snow.

Clop comic with plot and plot! ^_~
safe1573150 artist:alphadesu433 oc603703 oc only409160 oc:minty root130 oc:snow kicker35 pegasus238913 pony844046 unicorn265389 comic:sisterly love30 amputee4223 bow24159 comic101229 ear fluff23221 eyes closed80019 female897289 floppy ears46556 hair bow13239 hooves16304 horn42936 lying down9465 mare414584 massage949 one eye closed25093 open mouth122795 pillow15394 prone23287 sitting54863 smiling214442 spread wings47687 wings75563


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