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Even Ace Play's dimensional "sister" is experiencing the same pain as her dimensional "brother".


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safe1552871 alternate version32365 artist:mrkat7214331 oc592363 oc only403586 oc:ace play46 oc:cutie e17 earth pony189914 pony824813 absurd resolution63628 biohazard sign5 coronavirus664 covid-19662 female877304 lip bite10196 lonely520 mare403279 quarantine64 rule 6324765 sad22355 self-isolation4 social distancing47 solo957591 teary eyes3094 underhoof45909 window7064


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Put that TP down! Now!
Thankfully we already have vaccines weeks into their human trial stages here in the US, with the very first one started back in March at the Washington Health Research Institute. Initial reports are very promising and with a little luck, we should be GTG by early next year.
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Prepare for the worst. And the situation in the US hasn't peaked yet. Once the peak is reached, it'll take more time to clear everything up. Hopefully there might be more vaccines under clinical testing in the future, since the first inactivated vaccine (made from dead viruses. Examples are: polio, hepatitis A, rabies and some influenza vaccines) are being tested in Henan Province now.
But don't lower the alert until more than one vaccines are under mass production. The virus can mutare in who knows how soon and a single vaccine can't do the job once that happened.
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Just like with Ace Play, I would play with her.

Also with the term of "dimensional sibling" that you made for Ace and Cutie, would the same apply for my pony Nintendy?