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Today we were given the go to share last years Clop for a Cause and it made me remember I have never actually posted the full pics of any of the art packs I have taken part in. So here’s me fixing that!

Here’s my Rainbow Dash from Clop for a Cause 2, 2016. The full pack was released for free here. I remember being really proud of this one at the time and it had a few fans where it really seemed to hit home, but I think most were looking for something more hardcore.

Alternate Source.
safe1553500 alternate version32405 artist:jetwave391 rainbow dash217029 pegasus232046 pony825270 art pack:clop for a cause 247 camera3444 clothes400189 cute173257 dashabetes7746 female877935 goggles13099 high res20745 mare403544 offscreen character28701 peace sign2290 pose4591 sitting53699 smiling209371 snow12399 snowboard162 solo958270 uniform9047 wing hands1773 wing hold324 wings71737 winter3930 wonderbolts uniform5322


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